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Air conditioning, exhaust and tyre repairs in Enfield

At Queensway Auto Repairs, we offer repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. Whether you need engine repairs, an exhaust replacement, new tyres fitted or wheel alignment, we’ve got the team and equipment to get your car back on the road.

Air conditioning servicing

Your air conditioning system doesn’t just come in handy during the summer to keep you cool. It also helps to demist your windscreen when the colder months kick in. Getting your air conditioning regularly checked can help to prevent major repairs, leaks and blockages later down the line. At Queensway Auto Repairs, we provide air condition re-gas, rejuvenation and repair to keep your system running throughout the year. It is recommended to get a full service conducted every 2 years because about 10% of refrigerant gas leaves your system every year. In order to keep your system working, book online for an air conditioning service or repair today. We’ll check your system for leaks and blockages of any dust and dirt that can get into the system. We can clean the system and then top up or replace any refrigerant gas too.

Exhaust repairs

Your exhaust is one of the major components that keep your car regulated and running smoothly. Over time, the exhaust can become corroded or rusted, especially if you’re travelling shorter distances. During your daily drive, if it’s a short distance from A to B, your exhaust doesn’t have enough time to evaporate the moisture which can cause rusting and corrosion over time. Your manufacturer’s service schedule will suggest the best time to check and repair your vehicle but sometimes it can wear before this interval. At Queensway Auto Repairs, we can inspect your exhaust system to make sure there are no holes within the system and that there is no major corrosion taking place. What’s more, if any repairs or replacements are needed, we’ll make sure we use original manufacturer equipment or equivalent to keep your car running at optimum capacity.

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Tyre fitting and puncture repair

If you need new tyres on your vehicle, we can supply and fit premium, mid-range and budget tyres to suit your requirements. Your tyre tread should be checked regularly so that it meets the minimum requirement of 1.6mm to stay safe on the roads. Tyre tread is one of the biggest causes of failure during an MOT, so getting them checked in between can be integral in saving you money.

Puncture repair

We provide new tyres as well as puncture repairs at Queensway Auto Repairs. If you’ve experienced a punctured tyre, we’ll inspect the problem and see if it is safe to fix. When it comes to puncture repairs, we follow the British Standard (BSAU159) whereby safe minor tyre repair is reflected by the location in relation to the sidewall. We can repair a puncture if it is within the central ¾ of the tyre. However, anything outside of this it is unsafe to repair. We’ll let you know on inspection if your puncture is safe to repair and do our best to get you back on the roads when we can.

Wheel alignment

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, it can be a sign that your wheel alignment needs to be adjusted. Small knocks such as driving over a pothole or driving up a curb can cause your wheel alignment to be out of place quite significantly. This can then affect the wear of your car tyres and can cause replacement of tyres more regularly than is normally necessary.

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