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Fault code reading and engine scanning in Enfield

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment at Queensway Auto Repairs for accurate and efficient engine diagnostics on any make and model of vehicle. Our technology allows us to find the cause of any warning lights on your vehicle faster than ever so that we can get to work fixing it.

Warning lights on your dashboard

With modern cars, your vehicle will let you know if there’s a problem with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). When a warning light comes up on your dashboard it can symbolise anything from a simple oil top up to major engine repairs. It can often be hard to determine the exact cause of the issue by just looking at your car’s warning light. Your ECU is connected to a number of different components in your vehicle and therefore each warning light could symbolise hundreds of different issues that could be wrong with your vehicle.

Engine diagnostic testing

In order to identify the cause of a warning light, we offer engine diagnostic testing. Your vehicle is hooked up to our fault code scanner, which runs a test through the system to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. Once this has been done, a series of codes will be presented to our mechanics for them to identify the areas that need fixing. As there can be hundreds of codes specific for each problem, our mechanics need rigorous and regular training to translate them into the exact area in your car.

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Free, no obligation quotes

Once we’ve found the cause of the issue, we’ll let you know what needs to be repaired and how much it is going to cost. Therefore, you can make an informed decision about what you would like to do next. Often, it can be a minor issue that doesn’t take long and is relatively inexpensive, but sometimes larger problems can be determined. At Queensway Auto Repairs, our team of mechanics will be open and honest about the issue. Once you’re happy with us to go ahead and fix the problem, we’ll get to work straight away and aim to get your car back to you as soon as possible.

Fix problems sooner rather than later

At Queensway Auto Repairs, we strongly believe in fixing issues with your car as soon as possible. This isn’t so that we have more work to do, but because we know that ignoring a minor problem can become major repairs later down the line. Getting minor issues on your car fixed now, can prevent you spending more money further down the line getting major issues fixed that can be expensive.

Advice on warning lights

Book online today for your engine diagnostic test or give us a call if you’re experiencing problems with your car. We are able to provide you with advice on warning lights over the phone, but in order to provide you with an accurate quotation on repairs, we’ll need to take a look at your vehicle and provide you with a diagnostic test.

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